Home Remedies of Vaginal Tightening and Rejuvenation

Home Remedy

Tightening vaginal muscle is not only great for sexual pleasure, but also good for urination, defecation, preparation of vaginal delivery, and health-related to the vaginal organ. Therefore, maintaining its strengthen also important because so many aspects involved with this effect.

Though there are some options of vaginal tightening and rejuvenation that requires extra cost even some of them are not very damning at all, however, there is also no-cost of treatment that you can make at home.

Although this home remedy may not 100% make you satisfy with the results due to many reasons, especially getting required extract from that ingredients, however, you may get the results 'quite similiar' with certain product using that ingredients. This is because the process requires strict and lengthy procedure to get significant required extraction from that ingredients. If this is compared to what we can do at home, of course, this is not something comparable.

Oak Gall Herbs

In certain natives to Asian, they already use it for hundreds of years as home remedy to restore 'the performance' of their female genital organ post vaginal delivery. The 'performance' means its tightness, its elasticity, its contraction, and its health, as a specific outcomes.
Due to population-based evidence and furhermore acknowledged after passing various modern clinical trials, this gall becomes a reference of the literature with tightening and rejuvenating properties due to its tannins, phytoestrogen, and certain anti-viral and anti-bacterial compounds. See this page to see the literature links.


Vaginal Douche Solution

  • Boil 3 oak galls with 2 cup of water until the water becomes browsn stew of darkness.
  • Use the boiled water to wash your vagina.
  • Do washing with that herb daily for 2 weeks. Significant differences of the result can be seen at that time.

Diet Solution

  • Stir in the oak gall while cooking rice.
  • If the rice has been cooked, take the oak gall and cut it into small pieces while still soft.
  • Eat it with rice.

Other Solution

Just boil oak gall and drink its boilded water.
This concotion is not only good for vaginal tightening but also good for body slimming and youthful skin.

Despite that benefits, this herbs should not be consumed by pregnant women.
Oak gall also promotes reducing pain during menstruation, unleash urination, restore the tightness of stomach and uterus muscle post delivery, vaginal discharge, excessive mucuous and unpleasant odor.
Because of its therapeutic efficacy, some manufacturer sold it as single herb for that purposes.


Using phytochemical contents on specific plants, this intervention offers instant tightness outcomes and rejuvenate the tightness and elasticity of the vaginal muscle and wall in short of time.


Despite invasive and costly surgical procedures, this intervention offers narrowing vaginal hole and tighten vaginal muscle by cutting the excess perineum of the vagina and its muscle.


Vaginal exercise or known as kegels have its own benefits, especially in restoring the tone of vaginal muscle.